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The FSPG-1-F-M02P0D is an example of a premium sampling panel specifically designed for accurate measurements in gaseous environments. Its design is based on a deep understanding of the physics of gases, complemented by advanced engineering and detailed manufacturing processes. This synergy results in a functional product of the highest quality. Our panels are designed to monitor important gases such as oxygen (O2), hydrogen (H2), nitrogen (N2), and carbon dioxide (CO2) in various gas phases in a wide range of industries and provide unrivaled measurement accuracy.





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Dextens EC and TC sensors

Dextens is a young and rapidly growing Swiss company specializing in the production of measurement sensors for various applications and control of various parameters. At the moment the following variations of sensors are produced:
- EC (Electrochemical).
Sensors based on this technology have been produced since the 1970s, and since then the technology has undergone minor changes. More details can be found in our article.
This technology is used to measure: oxygen O2, ozone O3, and other gases
- TC (TermalConductivity)
This technology is based on measuring the thermal conductivity of gases. It is currently the most accurate technology available, as it has no interference from other gases. The most common applications are the measurement of hydrogen H2, nitrogen N2, and carbon dioxide CO2.



The installation of the VA Flowmeter aims to accurately control the flow rate in the system. Flow plays a key role in analytical measurements, especially in gas-related scenarios. Given that the gas to be measured is released into the atmosphere and the volume of the system can be determined, the pressure at the measurement point is calculated based on the flow rate. The importance of this parameter has been discussed in detail in our article.

In addition, the flowmeter has a remarkable accuracy (+/-1%), which guarantees accurate and reliable measurements.

High quality armature

High-quality armature is the the ground for a superior product. The use of fittings that not only meet international standards and are widely used in demanding applications, but are also recognized in today's market as top-class fittings, is the basis for a high-end product.


Fusetrick manufactures all samplers in its own production facility in Ukraine. Production resumed towards the end of 2022. Our facility, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and qualified specialists, allows us to perform not only assembly work, but also the entire range of operations - from raw material processing to the production of finished products.

In mid-2023, we expanded our capabilities by acquiring an electropolishing unit. We are proud that all our panels and fittings undergo an electropolishing cycle. This process not only produces a mirror-like surface but also improves the corrosion resistance and passivation of stainless steel components.


  • Precision Through Process Stabilization: By implementing pressure reduction at the measurement point and adjusting the flow to align with the manufacturer's recommended settings, this panel ensures exceptionally precise measurements that adhere to the manufacturer's specified accuracy standards.

  • Reliable Operation Amidst Fluctuations: The panel's fine-tuning capabilities enable it to operate reliably, even in the presence of substantial fluctuations within the measured medium, ensuring consistent performance.

  • High-Precision Flow Configuration: Utilizing a high-precision rotameter-type flow meter, the panel allows for the accurate configuration of flow rates as recommended by the manufacturer, further enhancing measurement accuracy.

  • Validation and Calibration Port: The inclusion of a dedicated port for the validation and calibration of the measuring device simplifies maintenance and quality control procedures.

  • Seamless Integration: This solution seamlessly integrates into existing sampling systems, facilitating the connection of other analyzers and offering the flexibility to expand connection points for automated monitoring across multiple locations.

  • Exceptional Accuracy: With an impressive accuracy of +/- 0.5 ppm in the gas phase, this panel delivers precise measurements that meet the most demanding industry requirements.

  • Compatibility with SIP Processes: The panel is compatible with SIP (Sterilization-in-Place) processes, making it suitable for applications requiring stringent sanitation procedures.

Technical specification:

Dimensions, WxHxD, mm:




Valves and components in contact with the product:

AISI 316 (Electropolished)

Supporting plate:

AISI 304 (Electropolished)


AISI 304


Viton, EPDM



Operating Pressure, bar:

Up to 6 bar

Maximum Pressure, bar:

10 bar

Product Weight:

5.3 kg

Connection Size, mm:

6 mm 

Type of Used Sensors:

28 mm Dextens sensors