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We are an engineering company, we understand that staying competitive in today's market requires the ability to produce high-quality modular sampling system and modules

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Production audit

In the intricate landscape of production, even seemingly flawless operations can harbor unseen issues. Our seasoned team specializes in meticulous audits of food and beverage plants, delving into every aspect of functionality. From identifying reasons behind improper functionality to scrutinizing idle states and deviations from optimal conditions, we leave no stone unturned. Expect comprehensive reports pinpointing errors and offering grounded plans for swift resolution, spanning hardware and service fixes. Take, for instance, the perplexing scenario of a deaeration plant, filtration, and filler functioning smoothly yet facing excessive dissolved oxygen levels in packages. Our engineers, drawing from vast practical experience, meticulously trace and resolve the anomaly, providing multifaceted solutions encompassing both laboratory and production realms. Trust us to unravel complexities and fortify your production endeavors with precision and expertise.

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Project & Electrical engineering

Expanding production capacity with new equipment like filtration and carbo-blending poses integration challenges. FuseTrick offers tailored hardware and engineering solutions for seamless integration, minimizing costs and time. Electrical engineering is indispensable in industry, shaping systems vital for operations. It designs, installs, maintains, and enhances electrical setups powering processes and machinery. Electrical engineers craft control systems, implement automation solutions, and design instrumentation systems for precise parameter measurement and control, optimizing industrial efficiency and functionality.

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Process automation and data management

Monitoring processes beyond SCADA coverage boosts labor engagement and cuts maintenance costs. FuseSoft, our Siemens-based solution, ensures effective sensor and process data management. It's compatible with industrial data safety protocols, expandable on local PCs or in the cloud, with a user-friendly interface. In industrial settings, electrical engineering is pivotal. It designs, installs, maintains, and enhances electrical systems powering diverse processes and machinery. Electrical engineers craft control systems utilizing PLCs, SCADA, and DCS for process regulation. They implement automation solutions employing sensors, actuators, and motor drives to enhance efficiency and safety. Additionally, they design instrumentation systems for precise parameter measurement and control, vital in industrial operations.

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