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We are an engineering company, we understand that staying competitive in today's market requires the ability to produce high-quality machine parts quickly and efficiently.

Executive Summary

Manufacturing is not possible without people, but much more importantly to work with people who have acknowledges and experience in individual industries. The rapidly changing world already had a high impact on the possibility of manufacturing access to human sources who have proper skills in these industries and support in resolving different technology issues.

Data is a second important point. Any specialist cannot say exactly what happens onsite and what operation personnel must do without resourcing data of the technology chain or individual processes. Collection of data takes time and increases loss because without resolving issues manufactory cannot work on nominal capacity or provide product quality.

Software solution with a user interface that provides connectivity with the sensor/PLC layer of the system. The application includes internal data storage to store receiving data.

General GUI
The application performs connectivity to devices and reads available data in real-time. All accounted data are stored in the internal database. The application provides software instruments for:
• Generating reports from the internal database (Exporting to PDF/Word/Excel)
• Creating charts from archived data (exporting to Excel sheet)
• Local user right access control
• Product management.
• Licensing service
• Draw real-time trends
Synchronization with server
Additional console applications that do synchronization jobs. It takes data from the local database, opens a secure connection VPN to the server and each time synchronizes it with the server (one-way synchronization) 

Applied for

Standalone sensor installation

This solution includes some type of parameter analyzer installed on the production line. Analyzer
measures a critical production parameter that must be controlled and reported to different
teams at the manufactory area. For the proof manufactory makes additional sampling for the laboratory control. The system makes real-time monitoring of this parameter and provides a report and analytic overview

Standalone automated installation

Chosen of standalone installations can be automated upon customer’s demand. But this provides connectivity with many devices in one network. For reporting personnel can choose which line will be used for report generation.