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Gas phase measurement by optical O2 sensor with
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SensiFlow POC

The FSPG-1-F-M02P0C is a top-quality sampling panel, designed for high-precision measurement in gaseous media. An overall and deep understanding of gas physics combined with sophisticated engineering and verified production processes helps to get a functional product of the highest quality. Considering such applications as oxygen level control in gas phase all over industries and guarantee the highest level of accurate measurements.




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Centec Oxyrtans TR_photo

Centec Oxyrtans TR

This is a high-precision analyzer manufactured by Centec Gmbh. The analyzer is one of the top in the LDO family. The analyzer has a large touchscreen display and user-friendly navigation. In terms of communication with peripheral devices it has: analogue inputs/outputs with adjustable range, and digital inputs/outputs including relay output, which allows to implement the possibility of selecting grades and stand-by signals to increase the service interval by deactivating the measurement mode in idle moments; Profibus; Profinet; Modbus. The device has an inbuilt CIP offset. LDO technology with all its advantages is unfortunately not without disadvantages, the main one is a significant reduction of the service interval due to erosion of the measuring element. 
There are 2 versions of the analyzer:

- Centec Oxytrans TR

- Centec Oxytrans TR ECO

The main difference between the classic version and the ECO version is the reduced accuracy of the second one, on the other hand, it makes its price more attractive for customers. This version can be used on the same level as the classic version in places where higher accuracy is not required (add accuracy comparison.



The VA Flowmeter is installed to accurately set the flow in the system. Flow is an extremely important parameter in analytical measurements and especially when operating gases. Since the gas to be measured is discharged into the atmosphere and the volume of the system is known, the pressure at the measuring point is calculated via flow. We have detailed the importance of this parameter in our article.

The flowmeter has a high level accuracy (+/-1%), which guarantees the presicion and correctness of the measured readings.

High quality Armature

The basis of any quality product, in addition to good engineering, is the use of fittings that not only meet all international standards and are widely used in the most critical locations, but are also rightly regarded as some of the best premium fittings available on the market today.


All sampling solutions developed by Fusetrick are manufactured in our production facility in Ukraine. The production was restarted at the end of 2022. The machine park and experienced specialists allow us not only to perform assembly works but also to implement the full range of works from raw material to finished product. In the middle of 2023, we purchased an electropolishing unit and we are proud to say that all our sampling panels and fittings undergo an electropolishing cycle, which allows us not only to achieve not only a mirror-like surface but also to increase the corrosion properties of stainless steel and passivation.


  • The panel guarantees the manufacturer's specified measurement accuracy by stabilizing the process (reducing pressure at the measurement point and adjusting the flow according to the manufacturer's recommendations).
  • Precise adjustments enable the system to function effectively even when faced with significant fluctuations in the measured medium.
  • The high-precision rotameter-type flow meter facilitates precise configuration of the flow as advised by the manufacturer.
  • It features a validation and calibration port for the measuring device.
  • Effortless expandability into a sampling system, with the ability to link other analyzers and increase connection points for automated monitoring from multiple locations.
  • Two versions of the measuring instrument are available: a high-accuracy standard version and an eco-friendly version.
  • Minimal time is required to reach the designated measurement parameters.
  • Service interval of 6-8 months for continuous 24/7 operation.
  • Compatibility with SIP (Sterilization-in-Place) processes

Technical data:

Dimensions, WxHxD, mm:




Valves and components in contact with the product:

AISI 316 (Electropolished)

Supporting plate:

AISI 304 (Electropolished)


AISI 304


Viton, EPDM



Operating Pressure, bar:

Up to 6 bar

Maximum Pressure, bar:

10 bar

Product Weight:

14,1 kg

Connection Size, mm:

6 mm

Type of Used Sensors:

Centec Oxytrans TR