SensiFlow® L-line

Complex analyzing system for liquid quality control
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Introducing our automatic modular SensiFlow® analyzing systems, a sophisticated solution designed to streamline your analytical processes. With its modular design, this system offers flexibility and scalability to adapt to your evolving needs. From sample preparation to data analysis, each module seamlessly integrates to provide efficient and accurate results.

L-line multi-parameter measurement system

Our state-of-the-art automatic sampling system is an innovative solution for efficient and accurate point selection in various sampling processes. Capable of sampling 15 different points, the system offers unrivalled flexibility and accuracy, applicable to a wide range of industries and applications.




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Possible applications for analysis

SensiFlow® HEC_photo

SensiFlow® HEC

This sampling panel is designed for working with liquids, particularly those with high gas concentrations, with undissolved gases. Its primary purpose is to dissolve the actual concentration and disperse bubbles that can affect measurement accuracy.

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SensiFlow® PHC_photo

SensiFlow® PHC

This sampling panel is designed for liquids and has multi-parameter measurement capabilities such as pH, conductivity, oxygen, free chlorine, etc.

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Sampling modules:

SensiFlow® ePM_photo

SensiFlow® ePM

The basic valve module allows the number of fixed sampling points to be increased to 5. Optionally, the number of sampling points can be increased using additional FSS-5-A modules.
The module is equipped with a mass flow meter that allows monitoring not only the liquid flow but also the density. 
By monitoring the flow, the system can have some confidence in the measurement, as the flow has a significant influence on the measurement. Flow is often normalised for each analytical measuring device.
Density monitoring allows accurate tracking of changes in the medium to be measured and the setting of the sampling sequence algorithm.

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SensiFlow® ePV_photo

SensiFlow® ePV

Simplified version of the FSS-5M-0-F-A valve module. It has the same number of stationary sampling points and can be extended with an additional FSS-5-A module. The mass flow meter has been replaced by a variable area flow meter. It can optionally be connected to a PLC and integrated into the system, and a flow monitoring function can be implemented.

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Extension module:

SensiFlow® eP_photo

SensiFlow® eP

This module allows an increase in the number of sampling points by 5 units. Two or more modules can be used, depending on the customer's needs and the system parameters.

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Key feathers: 

1. This comprehensive solution offers the possibility to use one measuring device for a large number of sampling points, including up to 15 points.

2. It seamlessly switches between sampling points based on user-defined algorithms, ensuring efficient and automated operation.

3. In the version equipped with a mass flow meter:

It provides highly accurate flow analysis for precise oxygen measurements.
It allows the detection of the environment to optimise measurement algorithms and achieve maximum efficiency.

4. Control is facilitated by a Siemens PLC equipped with Profibus, Profinet interfaces or digital/analogue signal options to ensure seamless integration into the existing system.

5. The design is specifically developed to allow easy expansion and module replacement. As a result, the autosampling module can be effortlessly added to panels designed for a large number of sensors, thus improving the overall versatility of the system.

6. It has a high quality, hygienic, electrically polished stainless steel construction for excellent durability and performance.

7. The optional validation module allows automatic validation and calibration of EC sensors as well as validation and calibration of LDO sensors and TC sensors. All these functions are fully managed by the PLC in automatic mode.


The system can be used in a wide range of applications, from automatic control of product parameters in BBT to boiler water parameters or multi-parameter control of any non-alcoholic beverage. The system is easily expandable and has many off-the-shelf solutions, and there is always the possibility to develop a unique solution based on the customer's needs.