SensiFlow® G-line

Gas phase sampling and automatic measurement
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Introducing our automatic modular SensiFlow® analyzing systems, a sophisticated solution designed to streamline your analytical processes. With its modular design, this system offers flexibility and scalability to adapt to your evolving needs. From sample preparation to data analysis, each module seamlessly integrates to provide efficient and accurate results.

G-line CO2 quality

Oxygen measurement in the gas phase is an important and difficult process that has a lot of nuances. The sampling system is a complex solution for creating correct conditions for measuring media. The panel design is based on the many years of experience of our engineers in the field of analytical equipment especially in gas analysis. mā.




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Theoretical notes.

At the present moment, different technologies for dissolved oxygen measurement exist. The most common are the following: EC (Electrochemical) and LDO (Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen).

EC technology is based on the principle of electrochemical reactions involving oxygen. These sensors are commonly used in various applications, including environmental monitoring, industrial processes, automotive emissions control, and medical devices. 

LDO technology is based on the principle of luminescence quenching. where the presence of oxygen molecules in the liquid affects the luminescent properties of a sensing material. 

Possible applications for oxygen analysis

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SensiFlow® POC

The SensiFlow® POC is a specialized sampling panel meticulously designed to function effectively within gas environments. Its primary objective is to prepare the sampled gas medium so that it meets the precise conditions specified in the equipment's installation requirements. This is an essential function, especially in industrial processes where the accurate analysis of gas composition and characteristics is critical.

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SensiFlow® POD

The SensiFlow® POD is a specialized sampling panel specially engineered for use in gaseous environments. Its primary function is to peculiar preparation the sampled gas medium to meet the precise requirements specified for the associated equipment. 

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Sampling modules:

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SensiFlow® ePM

The panel is designed to optimize the measurement process, specifically designed for efficient sampling from a large number of stationary points. This, in turn, enables the most effective operation of analytical measurement equipment and ensures measurement repeatability and stability.

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Extension module:

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SensiFlow® eP

The panel is an extension module for SensiFlow® eP and ePM valve manifolds. This solution allows to increase the number of sampling points by 5 pcs. Up to 2 expansion panels can be connected at the same time to the main manifold

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Key features: 

  1. Complex solution which provides possibility use one measurement device for a large number of sampling points (up to 15)
  2. Automatic switch between sampling points based on user adjustment algorithms
  3. Mass flowmeter (for version with Mass flowmeter):
    •    provide highly precise flow analysis for precise oxygen measurement.
    •    provide the possibility to detect media for optimizing measuring algorithms and make it maximally effective.
    •    optionally available version with automatic flow regulation on board.
  4. Siemens base PLC for control. With Profibus, Profinet interfaces, or Digital or Analog signals for maximal integration into your existing system.
  5. The design is specially developed for easy expansion and module replacement. Thus the automatic sampling module can be easily connected to panels designed for EC and LDO sensors
  6. High-quality, hygienic, electropolished, stainless steel armature.
  7. Validation module (optional). Provide the possibility make automatic validation for EC sensors and validation and calibration for LDO sensors. Fully operate by PLC in automatic mode.

Main applications

Monitoring the oxygen level in various gases is essential in various industrial sectors and applications to ensure safety, quality, and compliance with specific requirements. The methods used to control oxygen levels can vary depending on the gas and its purpose. Below are some common gases and methods for oxygen level control:

  1. Nitrogen (N2):
       - Nitrogen is often used to create an inert atmosphere to prevent combustion or oxidation in processes such as chemical reactors and food packaging.
  2. Hydrogen (H2):
       - When working with hydrogen, continuous oxygen level control is crucial, as even trace amounts can lead to explosive situations.
  3. Carbon Dioxide (CO2):
       - Food Packaging: In the food industry, CO2 is used to create a modified atmosphere in packaging to extend the shelf life of products, requiring oxygen level control to prevent spoilage.
  4. Compressed Air:
       - Breathing Air: In breathing systems for diving or respiratory protection, oxygen levels are carefully controlled to ensure safe breathing conditions.
  5. Medical Gases:
       - Precise Mixing: In medical gas systems, such as for anesthesia or respiratory therapy, gases like oxygen, nitrogen, and nitrous oxide are mixed to precise concentrations for patient safety and treatment effectiveness.
  6. Laboratory Gases:
       - Gas Blending: In laboratory settings, gas mixtures with controlled oxygen levels are used for various analytical and research purposes.
  7. Industrial Gases:
       - Cylinder Filling: Gas suppliers closely monitor the composition of industrial gas cylinders, including oxygen content, to meet customer's technical specifications.
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